Real Time Betting with SONIC Tag

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Real Time Betting has been heralded as one of the fastest growing industries in the years to come, projected to hit cca. $100 Billion by 2024. After sports betting was legalized in the United States by the Supreme Court in 2018, online gambling companies are now able to grow their sport betting sectors, thereby further supporting the market’s growth. Some of the companies that look to benefit from this include the likes of Paddy Power Betfair, the largest global online Gambling Company, Ladbrokes Coral Group, William Hill and 888 Holdings.

As time goes by, Betting Agencies and big Broadcasting names are becoming increasingly aware of the direct relations between live sporting events and the betting industry and how one is feeding the other.

More bets lead to higher ratings, that lead to more bets, that lead to higher ratings

A survey by the Seton Hall Sports Poll has found that 70% of Americans say they would be more likely to watch a game they bet on. Within that, the poll found that 88% of those age 18-29, a coveted demographic loved by sponsors, would be more likely to watch if they placed a bet. “Watching is the first step towards creating a paying fan”, noted Rick Gentile, director of the poll, which is sponsored by the Sharkey Institute. “In the 1980s, the leagues became aware that fantasy sports were heightening interest, and eventually, they embraced it. Now they appear to be ‘all in’ with something once impossible to imagine.”

Betting stadium

More recently, the resurgent NFL grew its TV audience 6% to 16 million viewers during the first half of the 2019 season, in case anybody needed extra proof that betting changes TV consumption habits. About 75% of bettors say they’re more likely to watch an NFL game if they have a bet on it, according to research by the American Gaming Association (AGA). Fifty-one percent are more likely to watch pre-game shows and commentary, and 63% are more likely to gather with friends/family to watch a game if they have a bet down.

How to attract new betting users with SONIC Tag?

As the correlation between betting and viewership becomes more obvious to all the players involved, new disrupting user experiences will emerge. For instance, SONIC Tag will help both Broadcasters and Betting Agencies leverage that viewership and create rich experiences for their users. The same campaign can empower a seamless implementation on Broadcast, as well as at LIVE Sport Venues, Arenas, Stadiums, Sport Bars etc.

SONIC Tag vs Competition

Non traditional betting users could first be targeted with complementary content directly on their Smart Phones. This could mean anything from exclusive access behind the scenes and the locker room, or limited betting vouchers to be redeemed by the most avid viewers. With SONIC Tag, most marketers and broadcasters can imagine easy to implement campaigns that can create a truly 360° experience for their viewers, such as some of the following ideas.


As the competition heats up to grab the biggest stake in this $100 Billion market, it will be those that can provide a unique way of including non traditional betting users into the magic of the Sport Game. This will only happen through rich user experiences and through technology that will be easy to implement, no matter if through a legacy TV, a Sound System in the Stadium, or at the local Sports Bar.