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What Is SONIC Tag?

SONIC Tag allows content creators to produce a wide variety of contextual experiences triggered by sound. It works like an audio QR Code recognizable by your smartphone microphone, but inaudible to the human ear. Like Shazam, but only better.

In a few easy steps, any producer may add a unique audio code to the content. This will trigger a Second Screen Experience via a mobile App on the user's phone. Content creators now have the ability to provide the best targeted Contextual Experience.

How It Works

Create your

in seconds using the SONIC Tag Dashboard.

Download your

code and insert it in the Content / Branded Event etc.

End-User receives a

when the content is played on TV / Radio / at the Branded Event etc.

User opens the

and instantly gets access to Second Screen extended content.

Why SONIC Tag?


of Gen Z use another device while watching TV

Global Web Index


direct monetization from Second Screen Platforms


increase in the number of 15 second ads

Nielsen's Report on Time Screens


Contextual Second Screen Experiences

Provide meaningful targeted content and added value for your users. In front of the TV or at the Shopping Mall, Museum or Concert, SonicTag will allow you to stay entertaining.

Monitor Performance

Manage your Campaigns intuitively in our proprietary CMS with Real Time Analytics.

Drive Sales & Conversion

Monetize your Audience with our Pay-as-you-go pricing model. Our Team will guide you with all the necessary assistance for you and your Clients.

Increase efficiency

Optimize your campaigns by extending your content with our Second Screen Experience and unlock a new revenue stream.

Use Cases




  • 100 000 notifications/month
  • 100 active devices
  • 3 campaigns
  • Campaign analytics
  • Client app
  • Online support


per month
  • 500 000 notifications/month
  • 10 000 active devices
  • 10 campaigns
  • Campaign analytics
  • Client app
  • Online support

Price on request

  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited active devices
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Campaign analytics
  • Client app
  • 24/7 support


  • SONIC Tag Campaigns allow you to extend your content channels and create outstanding user experiences leveraging the user Smartphone. Users will receive a notification directing them to a Landing Page of your choosing, allowing you to extend your main channel to the Second Screen.

  • A notification includes a Push notification delivered to a device that uses the SONIC Tag technology. Notifications are delivered using the platform notification services (e.g. Apple Push Notification Service, and Google Cloud Messaging).

  • The SONIC Tag intuitive CMS will allow you to easily manage your tags, edit your Notifications Titles, Calls to Action, Landing Page URL and follow the results in Real Time. Create an account and prepare to be amazed by the possibilities!

  • Active devices are Smartphones eligible to receive notifications. They are defined as devices that have enabled the SONIC Tag technology using our SONIC Tag app or a Custom app.

  • In order to use the SONIC Tag technology, you just need to install our SDK (Software Development Kit) in your app and publish the new updated version. Our easy to follow documentation makes things easy as a simple copy-paste process. If you chose the free account, you can download the free SONIC Tag app from the AppStore and Google Play.

  • See how many active devices are using the SONIC Tag features, how many users have received the notifications, how many clicked on it, or how many made a specific action after opening the Landing Page. Our intuitive Campaigns Analytics dashboard helps you follow the results and observe patterns in the way contextualized experiences enrich user satisfaction.

  • Depending on the package you select, we can offer up to 24/7 online support, Remote Assistance, Software Customization and API Integrations.
    Online support includes: Email support, Remote Assistance and Webinars.
    24/7 support includes: Telephone support (Mon-Fri, 8AM-17PM GMT), Priority email support, Remote assistance, Webinars, Product Trainings, Software Customization and API Integrations.


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